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Join Rankawat Samaj Website as a Manager

The Rankawat members form a society that is strong, prosperous and inclusive. An important step is to bring a change in the lives of people by promoting civic-good governance in our society. For which the strong-willed members of the society, who want to do something for the society of their city, village, they can join this website of the society.

On the website of Rankawat Swami Samaj, you can update the information related to your location by connecting the community exiles, family introduction, family (lineage) tree, adding live associations of Rankawat Swami Samaj, list of organizations, Bhawan of samaj, Dharamshala, temple is. Information about the honorable members of the society, information about the tribe of the society and Kuldevi. With this, the Rankawat community can update the description of young men and women worth marrying with the family. You can update the building, Dharamshala, temple, Swargashram etc. Business of the members of the society, news updates from all places of the country, updates of the program of the society, (can update at the level of village, city, country, profession, occupation, etc.), information of talented women who have respected the Rankawat society- Respect is enhanced. The purpose of the website of the society is to bring the brothers of the society on one platform in the whole country.

The unity of the Rankawat society is the foundation of the society. And with this strong foundation, the continuous development of the Rankawat society continues.



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