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Title: Samuhik Marriage Rankawat Society 18 april 2018 Jodhpur

State: Rajasthan  

City: Jodhpur  

Tehsil: Jodhpur  


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Samuhik Marriage Rankawat Society 18 april 2018 Jodhpur


Rankawat Samaj: In view of the increasing expenditure of weddings, now people are turning towards mass marriage conference. People are happily marrying their children in mass marriage conferences organized at social level. The main feature of mass marriage conference is the low cost of marriages, due to which the economic burden on people is generally low, due to which people are now moving forward to attend mass marriage conferences.


The mass marriage of the Rankavat society in Jodhpur took place on Akshaya Tritiya. On April 18, 2014, the 9th mass wedding ceremony of the Rankavat Samaj was organized by the "Suryanagari Rankavat Brahmin Yuva Seva Samiti" at the Chaupasni Jaisalmer Highway Scout and Guide Camp venue in Jodhpur. Media in-charge Bharat Kumar Rajmani told that 25 couples took Agni as witness to the ceremony and made 7 rounds and became each other's life partner forever. The chief guests at the program were Sant Hariram Maharaj, Shravandas Kharada, Mahant Jutharam, Minister of State for Agriculture Gajendrasinh Shekhawat, Mayor Ghanshyam Ojha, MLA Suryakanta Vyas, Deputy Registrar Jaikishan Boravar. The distinguished guests were Babulal Sharma, Rajendra Goyal, Daulal Malviya, Hastimal Goyal, Prakash Rajkot, Shivdas Goa, Om DTO, Mohandas Rajamani, Mangilal Borana, Ramdas Birami. The dignitaries of the society blessed the newly married couples with auspicious wishes.


The people and organizations of the Rankawat society provided the necessary goods and other items to the bride. Dignitaries of the Rankavat community including "Suryanagari Rankavat Brahmin Yuva Seva Samiti" were also present at the event.