All India Rankawat Samaj Organization List


All India Rankawat Samaj Organization List

Rankawat Samaj Committee, Institute, Organization, Association, Charity


Many organizations of the Rankawat society in India are engaged in social service. These organizations make the society strong, promote the identity and culture of the society. Therefore organization is very important for the unity of society. Organizations of Rankawat society are doing their work well all over India. Social activities are carried out through the organization, so that the Samajabandhu, especially the youth, are aware of the 'Rankawat culture',. If some brothers want to know about the society and culture of the society, then they join the organization Can occur.

The aim of the organization / institution in Ranakwat society is to encourage social culture in the new generation and to highlight and develop the culture and our rich heritage for other communities. Samaj brothers feel proud of their organizations.


Rankawat Samaj Organizations in India

S No

Rankawat Samaj Organization List

Registration No.

Mo. No.


1  Akhil Bhartiy Rankawat Brahman Sabha Delhi  5-47948 / 2003 (UY1860)    Delhi
2  Shri  Nayuvak Rankawat Vaishnav Samaj, Bhayander - Mumbai     Bhayander, Mumbai
3  Rankawat Samaj Sabha, Bikaner 09 / 1989-90  09/1989-90    Bikaner
4  Shri Rankawat Brahman Hitkari Samaj and Rigvedi Trust      Jodhpur
5  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sansthan, Ahmedabad (Gujrat)  A / 3739 (2004)     Ahmedabad, Gujrat
6  Shri Rankawat Navyuvak Brahman Society, Poona      Poona
7  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sanstha, Ponda- Goa      Ponda- Goa
8  Shri Rankawat Navyuvak Mandal, Chennai    9444291971   Chennai
9  Akhil Bhartiy Rankawat Sabha, Surat      Surat
10  Panchayati Swami Rankawatan, Bikaner Registration 125 / 1-7 -2011  125 / 1-7 -2011    Bikaner
 11  Sri Rankawat Jati Samaj Sansthan, Godwad Birami Chowki  306/83-84    9602779121  Godwad, Pali
 12   Sri Rankan Bhawan Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Rani      Rani, Pali
 13   Rankawat Education Welfare Society, Jodhpur  2018/JDR/100362  9799218494   Jodhpur
 14  Shri Rankawat Mahila Sewa Samiti, Bikaner  187/Bikaner/16-17    Bikaner
 15   Shri Rankawat Hitkari Sabha, Nagaur      Nagaur
 16  Shri  Rankawat Brahman Vikash Samiti, Bangalore      Bangalore
 17  Shri  Rankawat Vikas Seva Sanstha, Bhayader - Mumbai      Mumbai
 18  Rankawat Samaj Aravalli Vikas Samiti - Saddi, Pali  101 / 20.12.013  9829111033  Saddi, Pali
 19  Surya Nagari Rankawat Brahman Yuva Seva Samiti, Jodhpur  119 / 2015-16   9829606188    Jodhpur
 20  Shri Rankawat Vaishnav Samaj Sansthan, Godwad, Birami Chowki, Pali Raj.     Godwad, Pali
 21  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sanstha, Pushkar      Pushkar
 22  Shri Rankawat Development Committee, Ludhiana      Ludhiana
 23  Shri Rankawat Yuva Parishad, Nokha    6350692400    Nokha
 24   Shri Rajasthan Rankawat Samaj Sangh Bikaner 1998      Bikaner
 25  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj, Bilara Patti      Bilara Patti, Pali
 26  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sansthan, Makrana      Makrana, Nagaur
 27  Shri Rankawat Cricket Association, Bikaner      Bikaner
 28  Sri Rankawat Char Bhuja Temple Trust, Birami Chowki      Birami Chowki, Pali
 29  Shri Rankawat Jagriti Samaj Sansthan, Pali      Pali
 30  Shri Rankawat Bhawan Management Committee, Haridwar    9828822275    Haridwar
 31   Sri Rankawat Brahman Samaj, Masuda      Masuda
 32   Shri Vaishnav Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, MertaCity Chaukhala      MertaCity
 33  Shri Marwar Rankawat Seva Samiti, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 34  Shri Swami Samaj samiti, Suratgarh    9214512557    Suratgarh
 35  Shri Swami Samaj Yuva Manch, Suratgarh      Suratgarh
 36  Shri Rankawat Swami Samaj Simit, Sardarshahar      Sardarshahar
 37  Shri Rankawat Samaj, Jaitaran Patti      Pali
 38  Shree Swami Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Nokha      Nokha
 39  Shri Nayuvak Mandal Rankawat Boarding House Association, Jaitaran      Pali
 40  Shri Mahila Mandal Rankawat Samaj, Pali      Pali
 41  Shri Rankawat Samaj Nav Jagriti Sansthan Bikaner      Bikaner
 42  Shri Akhil Bhartiy Rankawat Vaishnav Samaj Sabha, Bikaner      Bikaner
 43  Shri Rankawat Hitkarini Samaj, Rajaldesar, Bikaner      Bikaner
 44  Shri Rankawat Brahman Institute, Sojat Patti      Pali
 45  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Magravati Patti, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 46  Shri Rankawat Vikas Manch, Secunderabad      Secunderabad
 47  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Luni Patti      Pali
 48  Shri Mumbai Rankawat Mandal, Mumbai      Mumbai
 49  Shri Akhil Swami Samaj, Ratangarh      Bikaner
 50  Shri Swami Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Nokha      Bikaner
 51  Shri Akhil Bhartiy Shri Rankan Banking Seva Mandal      
 52  Shri Ghantiyali Rankawat Samaj Sewa Samiti, Bapini      Bapini
 53  Shri Deshastha Rankawat Rigvedi Brahman Mahasabha, Bikaner      Bikaner
 54  Shri Swami Samaj Yuva Manch, Bikaner      Bikaner
 55  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Navyuvk Mandal, Beawar  14 / Ajmer / 2010-11    9214880112    Ajmer
 56  Shri Rankawat Jan Seva Samiti, Sujangarh      Churu
 57  Shri Rankawat Vikas Samiti, Hanumangarh      Hanumangarh
 58  Shri Swami Samaj Sabha, Nohar      Hanumangarh
 59  Shri Swami Samaj, Anupgarh      Bikaner
 60  Shri Rankawat Hitkari Sanstha, Ratangarh      Bikaner
 61  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sansthan, Chaurai Patti      Pali
 62  Shri Swami Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Indore      Indore
 63  Shri Rankawat Vaishnav Bhawan Trust Charbhuja, Garhbor      Pali
 64  Shri Rankawat Brahman Sanstha, Kuchaman      Nagaur
 65  Shri Rankawat Hitkari Samaj Hostel Institute, Nagaur      Nagaur
 66  Shri Rankawat Brahman Youth Committee Nayadwar, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 67  Shree Rankawat Brahman Sanstha, Mumbai      Mumbai
 68  Shri Rankawat Brahman Vikas Samiti, Mumbai      Mumbai
 69  Shri Surya Nagari Rankawat Brahman Sanstha, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 70  Shri Rankawat Brahman Hostel Institute, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 71  Shri Rankawat Samaj Aravalli Vikas Samiti - Saddi, Pali      Pali
 72  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sanstha,Sumerpur- Shivganj      Sirohi
 73  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sanstha, Sirohi      Sirohi
 74  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sanstha, Delhi      Delhi
 75  Shri Rankawat Samaj Mahila Mandal, Pali      Pali
 76  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sabha, Churu      Churu
 77  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Nellore      Nellore (A.P.)
 78  Shri Rankawat Chetna Kendra, Pisangan      Ajmer
 79  Shri Rankawat Akhil Swami Samaj, Ratangarh      Bikaner
 80  Shri Yuva Rankawat Sansthan (YRS), Jodhpur    7300000541    Jodhpur
 81  Shri Suryanagari Rankawat Brahman Seva Samiti, Jodhpur      Jodhpur
 82  Shri Rankawat Development Committee, Poona      Poona
 83  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sabha, Vaniyambadi      Tirupattur
 84  Shri Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Coimbatore      Coimbatore
 85  Shri Satyanarayana Bhagwan Trust, Koselao       Pali
 86 Navnirman Rankawat Mahila Seva Samiti Bikaner      Bikaner
 87  Shri Rankawat Sanatan Seva Samiti, Ranawas      
 88  Shri Rankawat Brahman Samaj Sansthan, Jaitaran      Jodhpur
 89  Shri Rankawat Yuva Sangthan, Shri Kolayat    8094075400   Bikaner
 90  South Indian Rankawat Society, Bangalore Karnataka    9742073045   Bangalore
 91  Shri Rankawat Samaj Vikas Samiti, Falna      Pali
 92  Shri Rankawat Boarding Aam Samaj Sanstha, Luni Patti,Nav Yuvak Mandal  530 / 83-84  9928587821    Pali
 93  Shri Rankawat Boding Aam Samaj Sanstha, Pali (Lunipatti)    8107335497    Pali
 94  Shri Rankan Bhawan Rankawat Samaj Sansthan, Pali  685/1980-81    Pali
 95  Shri Rankawat Shikshan Sansthan & Chatravas, Jodhpur  5-47948 / 2003 (UY1860)      Jodhpur
 96  Shri Swami Samaj Vikas Samiti, Churu    9413888409    Churu
 97  Shri Ranka Banka Chatuskumbh Peeth Karykarini    9001660219    Delhi
98  Shri Rankawat yuva samaj, Merta City    9667061608  Nagaur
99  Shri Rankawat Samaj Surat    9374716065  Surat
100  Shri Rankawat Vikas Samiti, Pali  COOP/2019/PALI/100488  9460131306  Pali
101  Rankawat Samaj Sanstha Sirohi      Sirohi




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