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Teeth Care Centre

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Business Location(Teeth Care Centre, Teertham Circle, Near Karni Singh Stadium, Bikaner, Rajasthan India)



Teeth Care Centre



Dr. Ujjawal Swami




Ceramic Braces | Invisible Braces | Invisialign | Orthodontist |

Your One Stop Family Dental Care by MDS Dr. Ujjawal Swami Superspecialists High Tech & Hygienic Center in Bikaner







Gum Disease Treatment/ Surgery
Flap Surgery
Periodontal Flap Surgery
Artificial Teeth
Surgical Tooth Extraction
Scaling / Polishing
Dental Checkup (General)
Dental Examinations
Dental Implant Fixing






Dental Ceramics

Teeth and Gum Care

The best way to care for teeth and gums







One among the most popular dentists in the city is Dr. Ujjawal Swami  (Teeth Care Centre) in Bikaner, Raj.
Doctor Ujjawal Swami holds specialization in Dental Surgeon|~|Dentist|~|Implantologist|~|Periodontist.







With an experience of 8 years in dentistry, the doctor is well suited to look into various dental complications.

Ujjawal Swami is a revered member of Indian Dental Association, Indian Society Of Periodontology which speaks highly of the doctor's credibility.





Dr. Ujjawal Swami

Dental Surgeon      

14 years experience


Teeth Care Centre 9772072287

तीर्थम सर्किल, करणी सिंह स्टेडियम के पास, बीकानेर



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